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1Deussen - Music from the Heartland

Performance sound bites and photos

1) 7/13/2008 - Music From the Heartland - Nancy Bloomer Deussen Performers - Helene Rosenblatt, Flute(s) Mary Ellen Briga - Violin Ruth Valente - Cello
2)7/9/2006 - At Dusk - Arthur Foote - Claire Happel, Harp Tom Hudson, Cello Helene Rosenblatt, Flute
3) 7/9/2006 Kvartett - Dag Wiren Teri Herel - Clarinet; Tom Hudson - Cello; Janet Rosen - Oboe; Helene Rosenblatt - Flute
4) 5/13/2007 Mirror Images by Adrienne Albert BLACKLEDGE FLUTES Helene Rosenblatt, Mary Sand, Leonor Snow, Peter Standaart

2 At Dusk - Arthur Foote

3 Kvintet - Dag Wiren

4Mirror Images A.Albert Blackledge

TBT Concert Blackledgemusic
Betsy Warren Davis attended


Blackledge Flutes at the Joseph N. Goff House Museum & Cultural Center, East Hampton, CT. Peter Standaart,Helene Rosenblatt,Leonor Snow, Heather Wagner.


French Carols by & with Kelly Via, Performance by Blackledge Flutes


2006 NBMAA concert with BLACKLEDGE Woodwind Quintet and Salmon Brook Trio.


Collaborating with Allonge Dance Variations


Collaboration with Alison Bogatay of Allonge Dance Variations at the Goff House 2009.

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