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Our musician performers will be listed here as will our colleagues from the past. Musicians are a small community who need to support and promote each other.

Joel's Horn Line


This area will be used for information about our musicians. I hope to list regularly participating musicians as well as colleagues from the past and treasured subs.


NBMAA with piccolo and Greg Candy on percussion.

Blackledge Flutes  2014 2015 2016
Helene Rosenblatt
Peter Standaart
Heather Wagner
with Heather Stegmaier
Barbara Hopkins
Mary Sand
Sarah Bouchard Stockton
Helene Rosenblatt
Peter Standaart
Heather Wagner
Heather Stegmaier
Naomi Senzer

June 8 2013 - Strings
Mary Ellen Briga - Violin
Amy Jones Gantkin - Viola
Carolyn Schwartz Engle - Cello

Salmon Brook Trio Plus!
Caroline White - cello
Tibor Pustai - violin/viola
Helene Rosenblatt - flute

Equal Voicings
Tom Labadorf - clarinet
Elizabeth Saunders - mezzo soprano
Mary Ellen Briga - violin
Tom Hudson - cello
- harp
- guitar
Charter Oak Flutes
Virginia Church Katz
Mark Vickers
Helene Rosenblatt
Peggy Webbe
Mary Sand
Aleksandra Miglowicz
Heather Bloam Wagner
(add from programs)


Musicians for November 10, 2012 Concert:
Judy Handler
Amy Jones Gantkin
Matthew Morris
Tom Labadorf
Anne Megan
Helene Rosenlbatt
Musicians for July 8,2012 Concert.

Judy Handler - Guitar
Tom Hudson - Cello
Amy Jones Gantkin - Viola
Helene Rosenblatt - flute,piccolo, Alto flute
Peter Standaart - Flute




Christine Smith - oboe
Virginia Eurich - horn
Richard Kandetski - bassoon
Helene Rosenblatt - flute
Teri Herel - Clarinet

Joel Winter- horn
Anne Megan - oboe
Janet Rosen - oboe
(subs - oboe David Hall)
Sue Zoellner-Cross Bassoon

Johanna Lamb - oboe

Joel Winter - horn

Janet Rosen - oboe

Anne Megan - oboe

Dan Ringuette - bassoon

Blackledge Flutes

Leonor Snow
Heather Bloom Wagner
Helene Rosenblatt
Peter Standaart
Mary Sand

Catherine Thomas

Consortium member Charter Oak Flutes 2012 participants:
Virginia Church Katz Director

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