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to the site of BLACKLEDGEMUSIC, Inc.

  Our goal: to provide opportunities for citizens in Connecticut 

 to hear and appreciate live, interesting and diverse chamber music.


WOW! Join us in our collaboration with Alison Bogatay in a program  of Live Music and original dance at the Latino Expo, and the Ted Hershey Dance Marathon - see the schedule by clicking on Schedule  

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We on our way toward accomplishing the dream of presenting a regular series of chamber music concerts at museums and Landmarks in Northern and Northeastern  Connecticut. BLACKLEDGEMUSIC, Inc. has become a reality. The various chamber groups who form the backbone of the organization;  BLACKLEDGE Woodwind Quintet, Salmon Brook Trio Plus!, Concerto Winds, and Nutmeg Consort are all still alive and well and performing local concerts in and around the Hartford Area. The umbrella "not for profit" group, BLACKLEDGEMUSIC, Inc. is now allowing us to apply for grant and foundation funding to accomplish our long term goals. We wish to be able to present "mixed chamber music" ensembles to a varied audience on a regular basis. We have arranged to use venues such as  the New Britain Museum of American Art (NBMAA), the Carousel Museum, The Timex Museum, The Charter Oak Cultural Center, and New London Maritime History Society "Custom House" to both educate a new audience for classical music as well as introduce that audience to the museums. The goal is to attract a broad audience of young and old. We are presenting  "themed programs"  and presenting works commissioned for the group intended to spark the interest of new audiences as well as providing variety to an existing public. 

"THE CREW" September 7, 2003 TIMEXPO MUSEUM Inaugural Concert

Mary Sand, piccolo & Helene Rosenblatt, subcontra bass flute 

 We present unusual works, works by living composers, unusual instrumentations, and utilize the talent available in Connecticut!!! Most performers are from Connecticut with perhaps a few from western Mass (who have strong ties to CT). A win/win situation is created as we help create a cultural corridor in Connecticut in partnership with its local "gems" of small museums and attractions. If you know of, or represent a museum or historical attraction in Connecticut and are interested in having us extend our series to your venue...please use our contact information to let us know about you.

As of January 1, 2003 ; BLACKLEDGEMUSIC, Inc. has been actively executing small chamber music concerts at a number of  Connecticut area museums  and attractions.    EXCITING NEWS ABOUT OUR INCREASING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NEW BRITAIN MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART!  We will be presenting a number of programs including a world premier at NBMAA  the spring, summer and fall of 2006!!! 

If you would like to help, please contact us at :


and always....donations, advertising for our programs, suggestions on public funding and grant sourcing are very welcome. *Note:We are OFFICIAL! BLACKLEDGEMUSIC,Inc. was granted status as a 501a corporation under the 501C3 not for profit business rules as of February 2003. We can now accept donations!